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This year’s talk by the International Business Network for Women in Film, Television and Digital Media (WIFT) takes advantage of the strong presence of female filmmakers from the Islamic world at FILMFEST HAMBURG to get to know them and their works better in conversation with presenter Siri Keil.


The four filmmakers give us an insight into their work and together explore the question of the extent to which their work can and should be considered detached from the political background in their home countries.

The panellists are:


Shahrbanoo Sadat (writer & director, Afghanistan); Farahnaz Sharifi (documentary filmmaker and editor, Iran); Adila Bendimerad (actress, director & producer, Algeria), Zamarin Wahdat (cinematographer, writer & director, Germany-Afghanistan) and Tahmina Rafaella (actress, director & writer, Azerbaijan)


WIFT Hamburg, together with Initiative MenscHHamburg, will award the first WIFT mini-residency to Shahrbanoo Sadat to support her further career in Hamburg.


The event can also be seen in the Filmfest livestream.

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