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In ten sections, FILMFEST HAMBURG shows national and international feature films and documentaries as world premieres, European or German premieres. The programme spectrum ranges from sophisticated art house films to innovative mainstream cinema.

Große Freiheit

Films from Germany: The films in this section make use of the liberties offered to them – with an enthusiasm for new themes and narrations.

Asia Express

Film cultures from the Far East: Contemporary Asian filmmaking combines an uncompromising attitude that does not fear extremes. A cinema outside the comfort zones and for new visual stimulation.


Political cinema: films with exclamation marks, strong interventions and irritations. On screen are feature films and documentaries that emphasize the political power of cinema.


Cinema from the USA and Canada: This section is filled with creativity and vitality and has the courage to create extraordinary stories and aesthetics, whether studio or independent productions.


Spanish and Portuguese-speaking cinema: The section shows current film productions from Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries and is a showcase full of different styles, narrations and genres.


French-language films: The film countries France, Belgium and Quebec demonstrate year after year what excellent output is possible when talent, vision and independence come together.


Films from all over the world: Our cinematographic journey through the continents offers a plural side-by-side of different cinematic identities, languages and narratives.


Television with format: in this section, TV productions are shown in cinemas before they are broadcast on television. Classical television films meet new forms of expression.

MICHEL Children’s & Youth Film Festival

The children’s and youth section MICHEL shows German and international feature and animated films in their original version with German overvoice or subtitles.

Hamburger Filmschau

Films »Made in Hamburg«, as versatile and cosmopolitan as the city in which they are produced.

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