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OT: Zazy

M.X. Oberg // Germany, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2016



Zazy (Ruby O. Fee) lives with her boyfriend Tomek (Paul Boche) in an idyllic little town on Lake Garda. While he scratches a living with odd jobs, she’s learning to be a seamstress. Her dreams, however, are of a different category: she wants to be a TV star and move up socially. At the same time, Marianna, the wife of a well-known sportsman and TV presenter, is on holiday in the same place with her children and starts an affair with the boss of the tailor’s shop. When he disappears without trace one day, Zazy sees her chance. She and Tomek blackmail Marianna and a sadistic power game begins. Zazy is an intelligent drama about the greed for fame and fortune.


M. X. Oberg (*1969) grew up in Hamburg and the Ruhr region. His debut feature Unter der Milchstraße [Under the Milky Way] won several prizes(1995). His films Undertaker's Paradise (2000)and Stratosphere Girl (2004) were alsoreceived well at international festivals.



Fiction Feature

German, Italian




99 min

OV with English subtitles

M.X. Oberg


Ruby O. Fee, Paul Boche, Petra van de Voort, Philippe Brenninkmeyer

Daniel Mann, Marco Gilles, Bastie Griese (Koproduzent), Philip Borbély (Koproduzent)

Ralf M. Mendle

Patrik Metzger

Simon Rummel

Katja Schlömer

Andrea Hanke (WDR), Cooky Ziesche (RBB)

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