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Seven Days

OT: Shivaa

Ronit Elkabetz, Shlomi Elkabetz // Israel, 2008
Fiction Feature // FF2015
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1991 – the first Gulf War is in full swing, rockets are falling on Israel on a daily basis. But the Ohaion family has other problems. The beloved son, brother and grandson Maurice has died suddenly. While outside the air-raid sirens wail, the family is sitting Shiva, the Jewish tradition of communally mourning the deceased for seven days without leaving the house. But this is itself already a cause for disagreements and the tension rises day by day. Rivalries, secret affairs, financial problems – the collective act of remembrance turns into bitter internecine fighting that takes on grotesque forms. This highly praised family portrait is an outstanding ensemble piece.




Fiction Feature

French, Hebrew

Israel Deluxe//FF2015



105 min

OV with English subtitles

Ronit Elkabetz, Shlomi Elkabetz

Ronit & Shlomi Elkabetz

Ronit Elkabetz, Albert Lluz, Yaël Abecassis, Simon Abkarian, Hana Laslo, Moshe Ivgy, Keren Mor, Alon Aboutboul

Elie Meirovitz

Yaron Scharf

Joelle Alexis

Michel Korb, Sergio Leonardi

Benny Arbitman

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