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Norberto's Deadline

OT: Norberto Apenas Tarde

Daniel Hendler // Uruguay, Argentina, 2010
Fiction Feature // FF2010



Norberto (36) has an ordered life until he loses his job, a good administrative position. Before telling his wife, he prefers to prove his luck at a real estate company, where he manages to be hired on trial. His new boss advises him to take an assertiveness course to overcome his shyness. After some hesitation and without telling his wife, Norberto takes up an acting course for young people. In the class, Norberto starts composing one of Chéjov’s characters. Following the directions of his acting teacher, he tries to cry out loud, but he hardly emits a weak and deadpan babble.


Daniel Hendler (*1976)is director and actor at the theatre and in films.This is his feature film debut.



Norberto Apenas Tarde

Fiction Feature



Uruguay, Argentina


89 min


Daniel Hendler

Daniel Hendler

Fernando Amaral, Eugenia Guerty, César Troncoso, Roberto Suárez

Sebastian Aloi, Daniel Burman

Arauco Hernández

Andrés Tambornino

Maximiliano Silveira

Nicole Davrieux, Gonzalo Delgado

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