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More than Honey

OT: More than Honey

Markus Imhoof // Germany, Switzerland, Austria, 2012
Documentary Feature // FF2012



All over the world, bee populations are dying – but why? From pesticides, mites, stress, incest? Film-maker Markus Imhoof travels the world to find the causes. In the USA he meets a nomadic beekeeper who travels from plantation to plantation with his 15,000 bees. Without medication, his insects couldn’t survive the contact with so many different pesticides. In China, Imhoof comes across completely bee-free areas where pollen is dabbed on flowers by hand. The film allows astonishing insights, especially when the camera changes its perspective from panorama to macro: a miniature helicopter flies with the animals, their social behaviour is studied in a prepared hive. We have never been so close to bees!




More than Honey

Documentary Feature

Chinese, English, Swiss German

Drei Farben Grün//FF2012

Germany, Switzerland, Austria


91 min


Markus Imhoof

Markus Imhoof, Kerstin Hoppenhaus (Co-Autorin)

Pierre Alain Meier, Thomas Kufus, Markus Imhoof, Helmut Grasser

Jörg Jeshel, Attila Boa

Anne Fabini

Peter Scherer

Senator Film Verleih GmbH

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Zero one film GmbH; Allegro Film GmbH; Thelma Film AG; Ormenis Film AG

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