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OT: Mayor

David Osit // Palestine, USA, 2020
Documentary Feature // FF2020
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DOCUMENTARY When local politics dictate world events– and vice versa: welcome to Ramallah! Musa Hadid shares similar worries to millions of his counterparts: how to solve sewage problems and what colours the Christmas tree decorations should be. Questions that exercise the minds of local politicians the world over. But when you’re mayor of Ramallah, such worries have the potential to lead to an escalation on the world stage. David Osit portrays a politician in close-up who would love to be a pragmatician, but is caught in an ideologized conflict between superpowers.


DAVID OSIT (*1987) graduated in Middle Eastern and North African Studies in Michigan, Migration Law in Cairo and Documentary Film-Making in New York. With Thank You for Playing, he won an Emmy in 2017. Mayor is his third film and and won the prize for young talent at CPH:DOX 2020 in Copenhagen.




Documentary Feature

English, Arabic


Palestine, USA


88 min

OV with English subtitles

David Osit

Musa Hadid

David Osit

David Osit

Steve Romanko

Eric Daniel Metzgar, David Osit

Geinoh Yamashirogumi, Toru Takemitsu, Sam Thompson, David Osit

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