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My Mommy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill

OT: Ma mère est en Amérique, elle a recontré Buffalo Bill

Marc Boréal, Thibaut Chatel // France, Luxembourg, 2013
Animation // FF2013
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RECOMMENDED FROM AGE 7: Jean and his little brother Paul live with their ever-busy father, but only Yvette, their nice nanny, cares about them. Jean hasn’t seen his mother for ages. So he’s overjoyed when the girl next door Michèle reads him a postcard from his Mum in the USA. In his imagination, Jean now travels every day to see her: he discovers unknown places, galloping through the prairie and seeing amazing animals. But reality also has an adventure in store for him: his first day at school… The lovingly-made animation tells sensitively and amusingly of a little boy for whom it’s time to start growing up.



Ma mère est en Amérique, elle a recontré Buffalo Bill




France, Luxembourg


75 min

German overvoice

Marc Boréal, Thibaut Chatel

Jean Regnaud, Stéphane Bernasconi

Marc Lavoine, Julie Depardieu, Tom Trouffier, Alice Orsat, Théo Benhamour

Guillaume Galliot, Thibaut Chatel, Stephan Roelants

Valérie Dabos

Fabrice Aboulker


Label Anim, Melusine Productions, StudioCanal

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