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James White

OT: James White

Josh Mond // USA, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2015



James White (Christopher Abbott) is in his early 20s and drifting through New York. His life consists of parties, drugs, alcohol and chance sexual encounters. After binges, he often lies around for days recovering on his mother’s couch. James’ mother is recuperating from cancer and seems to be well on the way to recovery. But then she has a major relapse and the pressure on James increases: either he pulls himself together and at last takes on some responsibility – or he carries on as before, with the risk that he will ruin his life completely. James White is a powerful, raw family drama that won the Next Winner audience prize at this year’s Sundance Festival.


JOSH MOND (*1983) and his production company Borderline Film produced Antonio Campos' Afterschool (2008) and Sean Durkin's Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011). James White is his directorial debut.



James White

Fiction Feature





88 min

OV with German subtitles

Josh Mond

Josh Mond

Cynthia Nixon, Christopher Abbott, David Call, Makenzie Leigh, Scott Mescudi, Ron Livingston

Antonio Campos, Sean Durkin, Melody C. Roscher

Matyas Erdely

Matthew Hannam

Scott Mescudi

Jade Healy, Scott Kuzio

Memento Films International

Borderline Films; Relic Pictures

Sata Cissokho, Memento Films International: sata@memento-films.com

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