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In Love and War

OT: I Krig & Kærlighed

Kasper Torsting // Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2018
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A tense German-Danish melodrama based on actual events about the fate of a soldier back from the war. The First World War, South Jutland is part of the German Reich. The Danish soldier Esben is involuntarily fighting on the side of the Germans and feigns injury in order to get away from the front and back to his wife Kirstine and son Karl. But in his absence the world Esben knew has changed drastically: a charming German officer has taken his place as father and is now trying to win Kirstine’s affections. From a hiding-place under the roof, Esben observes his former life that now feels like a nightmare – and has to decide whether he wants to fight for his love and his family.




I Krig & Kærlighed

Fiction Feature

Danish, German


Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic


135 min

OV with English subtitles

Kasper Torsting

Ronnie Fridthjof, Kasper Torsting

Sebastian Jessen, Rosalinde Mynster, Tom Wlaschiha, Thure Lindhardt, Natalie Madueño, Ulrich Thomsen, Hedi Kriegeskotte, Veit Stübner

Ronnie Fridthjof, Kerstin Ramcke, Christian Friedrichs, Andrea Schütte, Martin Sebik

Jesper Tøffner

Simon Borch, Søren B. Ebbe

Robin Hoffmann

Anja Wessel

Sabine Holtgreve (NDR)

Fridthjof Film; Tamtam Film GmbH; Nordfilm Kiel; Film United

Andrea Schütte, Tamtam Film: as@tamtamfilm.com

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