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Es war einmal Indianerland

OT: Es war einmal Indianerland

Ilker Catak // Germany, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2017
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A high-rise estate in Hamburg. The young boxer Mauser falls in love with Jackie (Emilia Schüle) a red-haired girl from a wealthy family. When his father (Clemens Schick) tells him that he has killed his mother and then disappears, Mauser sets out to find him. But Jackie is set on going to an American Indian festival – a unique opportunity for Mauser to get closer to her. And then there’s Edda, the nice girl from the video store. Jackie or boxing or Edda? And where is his father? The screen adaptation of the eponymous novel is a boxer film, road movie, Western and music video – and a wonderful homage to Hamburg.


ILKER CATAK (*1984) studied at the Hamburg Media School and won the 2015 student Oscar for his short Sadakat. Es war einmal Indianerland is his debut feature.



Es war einmal Indianerland

Fiction Feature





97 min

OV with English subtitles

Ilker Catak

Nils Mohl, Max Reinhold

Leonard Scheicher, Johanna Polley, Emilia Schüle, Johannes Klaußner, Clemens Schick, Joel Basman, Robert Alan Packard

Michael Eckelt

Florian Mag

Jan Ruschke

Acid Pauli (Martin Gretschmann)

Tim Tamke

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