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One Endgame

OT: Ein Endspiel

Lilli Thalgott // Germany, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2015
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After a seminar in the alternative community “Center for Inner and Outer Peace” (CIOP) Johanna (Kirsten Sprick) tells her boyfriend Boris (Frank Thomé) that she wants to leave her present life and move to Switzerland with CIOP. Her timing is doubly unfortunate, however, as Boris was about to propose to her and the World Cup Final has just started. To cap it all, visitors arrive: a friend of Boris’ wants to watch the final with them and a completely stressed-out neighbour turns up as well. When two members of CIOP also unexpectedly appear, chaos reigns. Ein Endspiel is an intelligent black comedy based entirely on improvisation and was created in cooperation with the Hamburg improv theatre group Hidden Shakespeare.


LILLI THALGOTT (*1975) works as a cameraperson and director. She attended the European Film College in Denmark and the Hamburg Media School. For her mid-length film Heiligabend mit Hase [Christmas Eve with Hare] she won the Public's Prize in 2012 at the Max Ophüls Preis film festival in Saarbrücken.



Ein Endspiel

Fiction Feature


Hamburger Filmschau//FF2015



74 min


Lilli Thalgott

Konzept: Lilli Thalgott, Mignon Remé

Kirsten Sprick, Frank Thomé, Mignon Remé, Thorsten Neelmeyer, Rolf Claussen, Steffen Lau

Lilli Thalgott

Eike Zuleeg, Thomas Vollmar, Martin Prinoth, Björn Lindenblatt, Julia Lohmann

Anke Wiesenthal

Thies Mynther

Bernard A. Homann


Lilli Thalgott, HIDDEN HITCHCOCK GbR: mail@hiddenhitchcock.de

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