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OT: Domestik

Adam Sedlák // Czech Republic, Slovakian Republic, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2018



A claustrophobic, darkly funny Czech psychothriller about the decline of a relationship After a long break due to injury, pro cyclist Roman has to get back in form, which means a lot of tough training and a rigorous diet. To achieve the desired results more quickly, he even installs an oxygen tent in the bedroom – much to the displeasure of his wife Sarlota, who would like nothing more than to start a family. Fiercely determined, they exert themselves to the physical maximum to achieve their different goals. But every obsession has a price – and thus every additional night in the oxygen tent threatens to suffocate Roman and Sarlota’s relationship.


ADAM SEDLAK (*1989) studied at the Miroslav Ondříček Film Academy in Písek in the Czech Republic. His directorial debut Domestique had its premiere at the Karlovy Vary festival, where it won the prize for the best unfilmed screenplay.




Fiction Feature



Czech Republic, Slovakian Republic


118 min

OV with English subtitles

Adam Sedlák

Adam Sedlák

Tereza Hofová, Jiří Konvalinka, Miroslav Hanuš, Tomáš Bambušek

Jakub Jíra

Dušan Husár

Šimon Hájek

Cyril Kaplan, Krystof Kaplan, Jirí Konvalinka

Ondřej Lipenský

Stray Dogs

Shore Points; Česká Televize; Sentimentalfilm; Universal Production Partners (UPP); Soundsquare; Elekta Film

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