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Die wilden Kerle

OT: Die wilden Kerle

Joachim Masannek // Germany, 2003
Fiction Feature // FF2003



The Devil’s Pot is the training ground of the Wild Guys and until this summer holiday it was exclusively their territory. The young soccer enthusiasts with their leader Leon only had one plan for the holidays – to play soccer. But a nasty continuous rain has transformed the ground into a muddy wasteland so that Leon, his brother Marlon, little Raban, Leon’s best friend Fabi, the brothers Juli and Joschka as well as the very talented Maxi have to kick at home for the time being. That leads to trouble with the parents, culminating in a soccer ban. But it’s getting even worse, for Big Michi and his Invincible Winners have taken over Devil’s Pot and are not willing to let go of it. The self-assured Leon offers Big Michi a risky deal: A soccer match between the two teams shall decide over the future owner of Devil’s Pot. They only have ten days for the preparation. On top of that a girl shows up…



Die wilden Kerle

Fiction Feature





96 min


Joachim Masannek

Joachim Masannek

Rufus Beck, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht, Constantin Gastmann

Ewa Karlström, Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton

Sonja Rom

Alex Berner

Gert Wilden

Winfried Hennig

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