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Der Stich des Skorpion

OT: Der Stich des Skorpion

Stephan Wagner // Germany, 2003
Fiction Feature // FF2004



Imprisoned by the Stasi (State Security Police) for trying to escape from East Germany, Stein endures years of torture. Bought out by the West in the early 70s, he runs an organisation helping others flee the GDR – so successfully that the Stasi sets up Operation Scorpion to kill him. Based on the autobiography by Wolfgang Welsch, and starring Jörg Schüttauf and Martina Gedeck, Stephan Wagner’s film is an intense, shocking drama.


Stephan Wagner (*1968) studied directing and screenwriting at the film academy in Vienna, while working as an assistant director for Peter Patzak. Many of his films won prestigious awards.


Der Stich des Skorpion

Fiction Feature





89 min


Stephan Wagner

Holger Karsten Schmidt

Jörg Schüttauf, Martina Gedeck, Matthias Brandt, Volkmar Kleinert

Sytze van der Laan, Nina Lenze

Thomas Benesch

Gunnar Wanne-Eickel

Irmin Schmidt

Uwe Riemer

WDR/arte, Redaktion: Michael André/Andeas Schreitmüller

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