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Das Gesetz sind wir

OT: Das Gesetz sind wir

Markus Imboden // Germany, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2019



Where are the borders between the rule of law and a sense of justice? A realistic, but at the same time satirical look at the world of two law enforcers. Maja Witt (Julia Koschitz) and Klaus Burck (Aljoscha Stadelmann) are police officers on the beat in Bremen trying to get a grip on the crime rampant in the vicinity of the main station. The pair have got used to the frustrating experience that many of their “clients” are back on the streets the following day and everything starts again from square one. Then a particularly offensive provocation is the last straw, causing Witt and Burck to take unusual steps and fight an Arab clan with their own weapons.


MARKUS IMBODEN (*1955 in Interlaken, Schweiz) has been director and author of numerous feature and TV films since 1986. His last visit to FILMFEST HAMBURG was in 2016 with Tatort: Wendehammer in the TV section competition.


Das Gesetz sind wir

Fiction Feature





88 min


Markus Imboden

Holger Karsten Schmidt

Julia Koschitz, Aljoscha Stadelmann, Bernadette Heerwagen, Michael Wittenborn, Heiner Stadelmann, Walid Al-Atiyad, Marc Hosemann, Merab Ninidze, Hendrik Heutmann, Kais Setti, Doris Kunstmann, Achim Buch

André Zoch, Alexandra Kordes, Meike Kordes

Michael Wiesweg

Marco Baumhof

Florian Tessloff

Marion Strohschein

Günther van Endert (ZDF)

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