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OT: Blutsauger

Julian Radlmaier // Germany, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021
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Julian Radlmaier’s new fiilms combines Marxism and vampirism and is a wonderfully ironic, absurd comedy. 1928: Soviet worker Ljowuschka (Aleksandre Koberidze) is cast as Trotsky for an Eisenstein film. His dreams of life as an actor are shot down when Trotsky falls out of favour with Stalin and he is cut out of the film. So he decides to try his luck in Hollywood. Before he can cross the Atlantic, he ends up in a mundane German resort, where he happens to meet the eccentric factory owner Octavia Flambow-Jansen (Lilith Stangenberg). A summer romance is in the air – the only problem is that there are vampires about. And Octavia is one of them.



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JULIAN RADLMAIER (*1984) won several awards for Self-Criticism of a Bourgeios Dog, his graduation film at the dffb film school in Berlin. The screenplay for Bloodsuckers won the 2019 German Screenplay Prize.




Fiction Feature


Hamburger Filmschau//FF2021



128 min

OV with English subtitles

Julian Radlmaier

Julian Radlmaier

Alexandre Koberidze, Lilith Stangenberg, Alexander Herbst, Corinna Harfouch, Andreas Döhler, Daniel Hoesl, Mareike Beykirch, Kyung-Taek Lie, Darja Lewin Chalem u. v. a.

Kirill Krasovski

Markus Koob

Matthias Lempert

Julian Radlmaier


Reinhild Blaschke

Sara Wendt

Julian Radlmaier, Ulrike Müller, Sara Wendt, Bastian Gascho, Ewelina Rosinska

Frank Tönsmann (WDR), Birgit Kämper (arte)

Grandfilm GmbH

ARRI Medien

faktura film

WDR/arte; The Post Republic; Maier Bros.; Ludwig Kameraverleih

Patrick Horn, Grandfilm GmbH: ph@grandfilm.de


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