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02.10.2023 10:30, CinemaxX 3

Under this title FILMFEST HAMBURG and Hessen Film & Medien are creating a new, regularly recurring forum to discuss the field of tension in the interaction of art, freedom and responsibility. The aim is to constantly sound out the interests between the freedom of art, the responsibility of artists and curators and the development of positions, perspectives and opinion-forming to be reflected upon in dealing with the complex of themes and questions that are becoming increasingly urgent:


Who defines what freedom of art and responsibility mean in this context?

On what basis should curators (e.g. at film festivals) make their decisions? What responsibilities should the decision-makers assume? And what procedures are appropriate?


Should there be critical evaluations before a film/artwork is given a stage? And in what form?

How can (potentially) discriminatory, racist, sexist, anti-Semitic content in films/works of art be identified?

Which persons (or groups, networks, institutions) should be heard and what role should their assessment play? What consequences can and should such an assessment have for the film/artwork?


The forum, created jointly by FILMFEST HAMBURG and Hessen Film & Medien, sees itself as a discussion space to put the complex of topics “art-freedom-responsibility” as a triad on the agenda. Approaches are to be sought on how to deal with controversially discussed films and works of art.


Although the focus is on film as an art form, important questions will also be discussed in an interdisciplinary exchange with other art forms, such as theatre, music, literature, fine arts, etc.


Our first event is about the role of actors in the field of film/culture who have to decide how to deal with certain forms of artistic expression and content and how to make (curatorial) decisions in this field of tension.

Moderation: Maike Mia Höhne (Short Film Festival Hamburg – Artistic Director, Director)



Marion Schmidt (ARTEF, Documentary Assocation of Europe – Co-Director)

Rabih El-Khoury (Curator)

Oliver Hardt (screenwriter, director)

Hanna Reifgerst (Nordic Film Days Lübeck – curator of the children and youth programme)

Sponsors and Partners