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17 May  2023


The #LoveFilmLoveFestivals initiative is a collaborative effort by film festivals to support their industry in the face of ongoing economic and health challenges. Despite their crucial role as the primary platform for promoting up-and-coming directors, festivals are struggling to survive due to limited support and rising costs.  It is vital for festival partners and decision-makers to recognize the importance of film festivals and to provide them with the necessary support.

To raise awareness and support, Europa Film Festivals is launching the #LoveFilmLoveFestivals social media campaign, which will kick off during the Festivals Hub at the Marché du Film in Cannes. Furthermore, at the Marché du Film, expert panellists will hold a conference entitled “Refreshed Purpose: The New Value of Film Festivals,” where they will address this issue and discuss the changing landscape of film festivals.
The initiative has already garnered support from prominent actors and directors. Among the first to pledge their support for this initiative, we find: Atom Egoyan, Vicky Krieps, Radu Jude, Joachim Lafosse, Faith Akin, and Lone Scherfig.

Spread the word #LoveFilmLoveFestivals.

EUROPA FILM FESTIVALS (www.europafilmfestivals.eu) is a network of 11 European independent festivals. Together we shape and develop common positions and perspectives on key issues to strengthen film culture and film festivals. Europa Film Festivals intend to maximise the broad experience, knowledge and creativity of its members in a sustainable and ever-evolving network.

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