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Zustand und Gelände

OT: Zustand und Gelände

Ute Adamczewski // Germany, 2019
Documentary Feature // FF2020



There are traces of Germany’s Nazi past everywhere, but Ute Adamczewski sets out to uncover them in exemplary fashion. Starting in Sachsen, where immediately after the Nazis seized power in 1933 countless “wild” concentration camps sprang up. They were created with the aim of getting rid of all political opponents (from KPD, SPD and trades unions, journalists, writers) by means of imprisonment, torture and murder. There are hardly any signs left of these sometimes spontaneously erected camps, but the locations often still exist. Gyms and factories, barracks, castle cellars and restaurants. In the film they are confronted with texts found in archives or reports from prisoners. Despite the resulting visual and narrative density, the film emphasizes a gap, also thanks to its sophisticated sound design. For here, nothing is complete, the traces have only just been picked up and Nazi-hunting will sadly remain a profession for years to come.https://dokfilmwoche.com/de/project/zustand-und-gelaende/



Zustand und Gelände

Documentary Feature





118 min

OV with English subtitles

Ute Adamczewski

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