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OT: Wolka

Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson // Iceland, Poland, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021



A woman pursues a perfidious plan in this breathless thriller set in the Polish community of Iceland. Anna is released after 15 years in a Polish prison. She travels to a island off the coast of Iceland with a large Polish migrant community. Anna’s journey takes her to her sister and family – but the joy at this unexpected reunion is limited. A feeling of unease spreads. The visitor is disturbing the peace of the community. And it becomes increasingly clear that Anna has an agenda for which she is prepared to break the terms of her parole and sacrifice everything.



Kindly supported by MARKUS LATTEKAMP


ÁRNI ÓAFUR ÁSGEIRSSON (*1972; †2021) was an Icelandic director, a graduate of the Łódź Film School and internationally known through his films Brim (2010) and Ploey (2018). Olafur passed away during post-production on Wolka.



Fiction Feature



Iceland, Poland


106 min

OV with German subtitles

Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson

Michał Godzic, Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson

Olga Bołądź, Eryk Lubos, Anna Moskal, Bernadetta Statkiewicz, Agnieszka Makowska, Karolina Adamczyk

Hilmar Sigurðsson, Beggi Jónsson, Staszek Dziedzic

Marek Rajca

Adamczyk Witkowsky s.c.

Mateusz Rybka

Atli Örvarsson

Marta Luiza Macuga

Brynja Skjaldardóttir

Paulina Krajnik

The Playmaker Munich

Saga Film; Film Produkcja

Human Ark; Studio Soundmaking.pl

Polish Film Institute; Icelandic Film Centre

Ramona Sehr, The Playmaker Munich: rsehr@playmaker.de


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