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Wir sind die Rosinskis

OT: Wir sind die Rosinskis

David Gruschka // Germany, 2015
TV Series // FF2016



Life is tough, but Peggy Rosinski (Anna Thalbach) is tougher: three kids, two jobs and a mountain of debt. She lives with her unemployed husband (Milan Peschel) and children from different partners on the outskirts of Frankfurt an der Oder. It’s a constant struggle to provide for her patchwork family. Then her outrageous mother Angelika (Katharina Thalbach) turns up after a long absence with some ideas about how to make money fast.


David Gruschka (*1981) After gaining experience in Bristol (England) and under Leander Haußmann, he won the Audience Prize at the Max Ophüls Festival for his short Besuch im Wald (2014). Wir sind die Roschinskis is his debutfeature.


Wir sind die Rosinskis

TV Series





89 min


David Gruschka

Johannes Rotter, Anika Soisson

Anna Thalbach, Milan Peschel, Katharina Thalbach, Vincent Krüger, Nellie Thalbach, Emma Bading, Tilman Döbler, Daniel Krauss, Michael Schweighöfer, Patricio Wiedermann, David Bredin, André Hennicke, Roman Geike

Jan Richard Schuster, Sven Sud

Jalaludin Trautmann

Christoph Strothjohann, David Gruschka

Jasmin Shakeri, Beathoavenz

Jan Müller

Carolin Haasis, Sascha Schwingel

Global Screen GmbH

Saxonia Media Filmproduktionsgesellschaft mbH, Leipzig

Sven Sund, Saxonia Media: s.sund@saxonia-media.de

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