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OT: Winterwalzer

Ingo Rasper // Germany, 2023
Fiction Feature // FF2023



A dramedy about the wondrous power of dance. Since the death of his wife, retired dance teacher Albert Gottwald (Ulrich Matthes) has lost all will to live and meticulously plans his end. But an unforeseen dance class with a completely untalented student thwarts his resolution. What he doesn’t know is that his daughter Ina has hatched a plot to save him. The untalented dance student is psychiatrist Hanne, who is supposed to offer Albert therapy without his noticing. The plan seems to work and Albert finds his way back into life. But then he has to learn with (self-)righteous anger: There are unscrupulous people who shamelessly abuse his trust.


INGO RASPER (*1974 in Hildesheim) studied at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg after training as a carpenter. He has been directing for television and cinema since 2007. His dramedy Gloria, die schönste Kuh meiner Schwester premiered at FILMFEST HAMBURG in 2018.



Fiction Feature





89 min


Ingo Rasper

Edda Leesch, basierend auf ihrem Roman „Der Donnerstagsmann"

Ulrich Matthes, Nina Kunzendorf, Antonia Bill, Virginia Leithäuser, Pit Bukowski, Akiko Hitomi, Petra Kleinert, Mirko Lang, Christine Schorn, Philipp Freiherr von Schade

Friedrich Wildfeuer, Karsten Rühle

Ralf M. Mendle

Till Röllinghoff

Uta Schmidt

Martin Probst

Juliane Friedrich

Bettina Weiß

Stefany Pohlmann Casting

Katja Kirchen (ARD Degeto)

Constantin Television GmbH für ARD Degeto

Constantin Television GmbH, Marianne Holmer: marianne.holmer@constantin.film


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