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Wie krieg ich meine Mutter groß?

OT: Wie krieg ich meine Mutter groß?

Stephan Wagner // Germany, 2002
Fiction Feature // FF2003



Ginger (Katja Flint), a single mother, lives and works as a waitress in a trendy part of Hamburg. The last thing she hopes to find is a father to her 14-year-old daughter Nico and her 5-year-old son Max. When she starts an affair with Nico’s dancing teacher, her daughter is not the only one to lose his cool – Hans (Matthias Brandt), the chef in the bar where Ginger works, is madly in love with her, too. A spirited and emotional romantic comedy.


Stephan Wagner (*1968) studied directing and screenwriting at the film academy in Vienna, while working as an assistant director for Peter Patzak. Many of his films won prestigious awards.


Wie krieg ich meine Mutter groß?

Fiction Feature





86 min


Stephan Wagner

Maria Solrun Sigurdardottir

Katja Flint, Matthias Brandt, Pasquale Aleardi, Caroline Erikson

Gloria Burkert, Doris J. Heinze

Hagen Bogdanski

Friederike von Normann

Ali Askin

Andreas Rudolph


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