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Ways to Live Forever

OT: Ways to Live Forever

Gustavo Ron // United Kingdom, Spain, 2010
Fiction Feature // FF2011



Sam has leukaemia. Since he is too ill to go to school, he and his best friend Felix are home-schooled by Mrs Willis. In one of their lessons she makes them think of ways to become immortal. So Sam starts to write a diary. After all: Living forever is not possible but you can leave something behind to make people remember you. In his diary Sam asks questions, grown-ups never answer. Like: Why do children die? Or: Where do we go after death? And he puts down wishes he wants to fulfil before he dies. A heart-warming story about disease, death and acceptance.


Gustavo Ron grew up in Madrid and graduated from London Film School where he studied directing, producing and screenwriting while working on international productions. 2003 he co-founded El Capitan Pictures.



Ways to Live Forever

Fiction Feature



United Kingdom, Spain


91 min


Gustavo Ron

Gustavo Ron

Robbie Kay, Alex Etel, Emilia Fox, Ben Chaplin

Martyn Auty, Javier Gazulla

Miguel Pérez Gilaberte

Juan Sánchez

César Benito

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