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Truth and a Lie

OT: Wahrheit oder Lüge

Lars Becker // Germany, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2019



A woman unperturbed by a maze of accusations, suspicions and vengeance. Annabelle Martinelli (Natalia Wörner) specializes in the law governing sexual offences at a prestigious Berlin law firm. She is dealing with rape accusations against a well-known rapper, when her boss John Quante (Fritz Karl) gives her an additional case. Mike Petry (Felix Klare), managing director of a stock exchange-listed company, is accused of raping his assistant on a business trip. Annabelle is given the task of arranging a settlement to prevent a court case. This time, however, Annabelle refuses to take the assignment – the assistant is her friend Mirella Hayek (Franziska Hartmann).


Since the 1980s, LARS BECKER (*1954) has been making cinema and TV films. With his self-written series of films under the title Nightshift, he has been a regular guest at FILMFEST HAMBURG since 2003.


Wahrheit oder Lüge

Fiction Feature





90 min


Lars Becker

Lars Becker

Natalia Wörner, Franziska Hartmann, Fritz Karl, Felix Klare, Almila Bagriacik, Lefaza Jovete Klinsmann, Thelma Buabeng, Marc Hosemann, Pegah Ferydoni, Clelia Sarto

Jutta Lieck-Klenke, Dietrich Kluge, Lydia-Maria Emrich

Ralf Noack

Sanjeev Hathiramani

Hinrich Dageför, Stefan Wulff

Sabine Pawlik

Daniel Blum (ZDF)

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