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We All Want What's Best For Her

OT: Tots volem el millor per a ella

Mar Coll // Spain, 2013
Fiction Feature // FF2014
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One year after a serious car accident, Geni is still having a hard time getting back into her old routine. The lawyer quits her job without telling anyone, but, urged by her sister, looks for a new one. While her family support her and inundate her with suggestions and ideas, Geni feels trapped. Everyone wants the best for her, but she just wants one thing: to break out of her former life and finally be herself. We All Want What’s Best for Her is a vivacious identity drama with touches of black humour. Tickets for the screening in Bargteheide are only available at Cinema Paradiso Bargteheide.


Mar Coll (*1981) studied film in Barcelona and had a big festival success with her short La última polaroid (2004). Her debut feature Tres dies amb la família [Three Days with the Family] (2009) among other awards won a Goya for best newcomer.



Tots volem el millor per a ella

Fiction Feature





100 min

OV with German subtitles

Mar Coll

Mar Coll, Valentina Viso

Nora Navas, Valeria Bertuccelli, Pau Durà, Àgata Roca, Jordi Costa

Lita Roig, Sergi Casamitjana, Aintza Serra

Neus Ollé

Aina Calleja


Xenia Besora

Escándalo Films, SL

Cristina Sillero, Escándalo Films: cristina.sillero@escandalofilms.com

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