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Tödliches Comeback

OT: Tödliches Comeback

Hermine Huntgeburth // Germany, 2018
TV Series // FF2018



A new variation on the theme of generational conflict: a conformist son vs his rebellious father. Martin Brambach with a brilliant performance as a freaky musician. Bruno (Ben Münchow) has always kept his distance from his father Roy (Martin Brombach) so as not to jeopardize his budding career as a police inspector. The reason: Roy is not only a rock musician, but also has a tendency to get involved in shady deals. When Bruno’s mother (Margarita Broich) has an accident, the son is forced to deal with his father – and gets involuntarily caught up in his affairs.


HERMINE HUNTGEBURTH (*1955) is one of Germany's best-known female directors and was last presented in the TV section at FILMFEST HAMBURG in 2015 with Einmal Hallig und zurück.


Tödliches Comeback

TV Series





89 min


Hermine Huntgeburth

Volker Einrauch, Lothar Kurzawa

Ben Münchow, Martin Brambach, Elisa Schlott, Jeannette Hain

Hermine Huntgeburth, Volker Einrauch, Lothar Kurzawa

Alexander Fischerkoesen

Eva Schnare

Biber Gullatz

Sabine Pawlik

Christian Granderath, Mara Neuber, Philine Rosenberg

Josefine Filmproduktion für ARD/NDR

Lothar Kurzawa, Josefine Filmproduktion: josefine@josefine-film.de

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