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The United States of Leland

OT: The United States of Leland

Matthew Ryan Hoge // USA, 2002
Fiction Feature // FF2003



Produced by Kevin Spacey, who also features in a central role, this film tells the story of the young murderer Leland Fitzgerald (Ryan Gosling), imprisoned in a juvenile detention facility for killing a retarded boy. Here he comes into contact with prison teacher, Pearl Madison (Don Cheadle), an aspiring writer who sees the boy’s story as his own chance to write a bestseller. Director Matthew Ryan Hoge tells a disturbing and melancholy tale of youthful solitude and waywardness in clear and unpretentious images.



The United States of Leland

Fiction Feature


Offizielles Programm//FF2003



108 min


Matthew Ryan Hoge

Matthew Ryan Hoge

Don Cheadle, Ryan Gosling, Lena Olin, Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey, Bernie Morris

James Glennon

Jeff Betancourt

Jeremy Enigk

Edward T. McAvoy

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