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The Return

OT: The Return

Malene Choi // Denmark, Republic of Korea (South Korea), 2018
Hybrid // FF2018



HYBRID A woman caught between two worlds, looking for roots in a foreign land that somehow feels like home. Karoline was born in 198 and adopted by Danish parents. As an adult, she returns for the first time to the country of her birth in an attempt to fill the voids of the past. There, she discovers a network of people from the USA and Europe all looking for their Korean mothers – and all with the same catalogue of frustrating experiences. The film is based on the director’s own family history and occupies an area between documentary and feature film.


MALENE CHOI JENSEN (*1973) studied documentary film-making at the Danish Film Academy and has made numerous prize-winning short films and pieces of video art. The Return is her debut feature film.



The Return


Danish, English, Korean

Asia Express//FF2018

Denmark, Republic of Korea (South Korea)


84 min

OV with English subtitles

Malene Choi

Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen

Karoline Sofie Lee, Thomas Hwan, Seong In-Ja

Julie Friis Walenciak, Julie Rix Bomholt, Katja Adomeit

Catherine Pattinama Coleman

Julius Krebs Damsbo

Philip Nicolai Flindt

Pluto Film

Walenciak Film; Adomeit Film

Daniela Chlapíková, Pluto Film Distribution Network GmbH: daniela@plutofilm.de

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