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The Image You Missed

OT: The Image You Missed

Donal Foreman // France, Ireland, USA, 2018
Documentary Feature // FF2018
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ESSAY The civil war in Northern Ireland as the backdrop for a father-son story – and for a reflection on political cinema. For more than 30 years, the American Arthur MacCaig was the film chronicler of the Troubles – and is father of the Irish director Donal Foreman. Using MacCaig’s and his own works as a starting point, the son attempts to get closer to the father, who back in the day prioritized the war to the detriment of his family. Foreman links private biographies with national history to form an intelligent, visually impressive essay about the spirit of committed cinema and its authors’ political and artistic positions.


DONAL FOREMAN (*1985) grew up in Dublin and has been making films since he was 11. Today, he lives in New York, works as a director and critic and is a member of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective.



The Image You Missed

Documentary Feature

English, French


France, Ireland, USA


73 min

OV with English subtitles

Donal Foreman

Donal Foreman

Arthur MacCaig, Donal Foreman, Ernest Larsen, Maeve Foreman

Donal Foreman

Arthur MacCaig, Donal Foreman, Seán Brennan

Donal Foreman

Ohal Grietzer, Michael Buckley, Christopher Colm Morrin

Donal Foreman

Donal Foreman, Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective: donalforeman@gmail.com

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