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OT: Submergence

Wim Wenders // France, Germany, Spain, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2017



James (James McAvoy) and Danny (Alicia Vikanthe) meet by chance in a remote hotel in Normandy where both are preparing for dangerous undertakings: he for an undercover mission for the British secret service in Somalia looking for a training camp for suicide bombers, she for a deep-sea project in Greenland looking for the origins of human life. Nothing could be further from their minds than falling in love, but that is exactly what happens. They soon grasp that they have found the love of their lives. Shortly afterwards, thousands of kilometres lie between them. James is taken hostage by jihadists while Danny glides across the sea-bed in a submarine. They have no way of contacting each other and Danny doesn’t even know if James is alive. Two people, each in their own way imprisoned, taking strength from their love and memories of the other. Submergence is the film adaptation of the eponymous novel by J. M. Ledgard and tells a gripping story of love under extreme conditions.


With films like Paris, Texas (1984), Wings Over Berlin (1987), Buena Vista Social Club (1999) or The Salt of the Earth (2014) WIM WENDERS (*1945) is one of Germany's leading directors. For 15 years, he taught film as a professor at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg.



Fiction Feature

English, Arabic, Somali, French


France, Germany, Spain


112 min

OV with German subtitles

Wim Wenders

Erin Dignam

James McAvoy, Alicia Vikander, Alexander Siddig, Celyn Jones, Reda Kateb

Cameron Lamb

Benoît Debie

Toni Froschhammer

Fernando Velázquez

Thierry Flamand

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