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Run Uje Run

OT: Spring Uje spring

Henrik Schyffert // Sweden, 2020
Fiction Feature // FF2020



Suddenly it’s Parkinson’s: Uje Brandelius, singer of the Stockholm pop band Doktor Kosmos, plays himself in this moving Swedish comedy. Uje is in his mid-40s and leads a life many would dream of: Stockholm, a wonderful family and a job as presenter of a popular radio programme. When he is diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Uje’s world is turned upside down. Unable to trust anyone, he tries to hide the illness from family, friends and colleagues – and feels his way uncertainly into a new normality.


HENRYK SCHIFFERT (*1968) is a Swedish comedian, actor and musician. Spring Uje Spring is his directorial debut.



Spring Uje spring

Fiction Feature





77 min

OV with German subtitles

Henrik Schyffert

Uje Brandelius

Uje Brandelius, Bixi Brandelius, Vega Brandelius, Therese Hörnqvist, Irma Schultz, Catti Brandelius

Anna-Klara Carlsten, Tomas Michaelsson

Frida Wendel

Adi Omanovic

Uje Brandelius, Juno Brandelius

Marika Åkerblom

Emelie Henriksson

Swedish Film Institute

Filmlance International AB

Theo Tsappos, Swedish Film Institute: theo.tsappos@sfi.se

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