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Dark Suns

OT: Soleils Noirs

Julien Elie // Canada, 2018
Documentary Feature // FF2019
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DOCUMENTARY An epic search for traces of countless unsolved murders in Mexico. Since the 1970s, thousands of people have been murdered in Mexico. Apart from their families, no-one is interested in these cases. Julien Elie collects evidence from relatives, journalists and lawyers who want to break down the walls of silence. The film uses impressive imagery to tell stories from a lawless country, where the state abandons its citizens to the mercy of the terrorism of criminal cartels. It links crimes from all over the country, from the notorious femicides in Juarez to murdered journalists in Veracruz. The result is a great work of impressive impact, which is only fitting, considering the extent of the abyss which it dares to explore.


JULIEN ELIE is a documentary film-maker from Montreal who realized his first work in the early 2000s. Dark Suns, which has won numerous prizes, is his first film for 15 years.



Soleils Noirs

Documentary Feature





155 min

OV with English subtitles

Julien Elie

Julien Elie

Julien Elie

Ernesto Pardo, François Messier-Rheault

Aube Foglia

Mimi Allard

Amaia Aldamiz

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