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Sörensen’s Fear

OT: Sörensen hat Angst

Bjarne Mädel // Germany, 2020
Fiction Feature // FF2020



From crime-scene cleaner to CID Chief Inspector: Bjarne Mädel assembles a star ensemble in Katenbüll. Because of an anxiety disorder, CID Chief Inspector Sörensen (Bjarne Mädel) applies for a transfer from Hamburg to Katenbüll in remote North Friesia, where he hopes to lead a quiet life. Katenbüll however turns out to be grey and dismal. And right after his arrival Mayor Hinrichs is found dead in his own stable. The chief inspector soon realizes that he won’t be rid of his anxieties quickly here. In his debut as director, Bjarne Mädel shows a flair for local whimsy, while at the same time fitting the lead character in Sven Stricker‘s novel like a glove.


BJARNE MÄDEL (*1968) became well-known in Germany for his roles in the TV series Stromberg (2004-2012), Der kleine Mann (2009) and above all Der Tatortreiniger (2011-2018). Sörensen hat Angst is his debut as director.


Sörensen hat Angst

Fiction Feature





89 min


Bjarne Mädel

Sven Stricker

Bjarne Mädel, Katrin Wichmann, Leo Meier, Matthias Brandt, Peter Kurth, Anne Ratte-Polle, Claude Albert Heinrich, Yorck Dippe, Angelika Richter, Lorenz Baum, Anna-Lena Schwing, Michelangelo Fortuzzi, Markus John, Marion Breckwoldt u.a.

Jakob Claussen, Uli Putz

Kristian Leschner

Christoph Köpf

Benjamin Ikes

Volker Bertelmann

Vicky von Minckwitz

Caterina Czepek

Christian Granderath (NDR), Philine Rosenberg (NDR)

Claussen+Putz Filmproduktion GmbH für NDR

Philine Rosenberg, NDR: p.rosenberg@ndr.de

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