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The Secret of a Leader

OT: Sekret lidera

Farkhat Sharipov // Kazakhstan, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2019
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Capitalism made in Kazakhstan: a bank clerk longs for glamour and girls and lands up in a world of false friends and dirty money. Kanat is fed up with his monotonous life. In his early 40s and divorced, he lives with his mother who suffers from dementia. He‘s stuck in a dead-end job in a bank. When he bumps into his ex-student buddy Daniyar, his drab life perks up. Daniyar represents everything that Kanat aspires to – a charismatic leader with a certain ruthlessness. At his side, Kanat has access to the upper echelons of Kazakhstan society and has to at some point ask himself: how much am I prepared to pay for success?


FARKHAT SHARIPOV (*1983) studied at the Academy of Arts in Almaty and at the New York Film Academy. The Secret of a Leader won the main prize at the 41st International Film Festival in Moscow.



Sekret lidera

Fiction Feature





97 min

OV with German subtitles

Farkhat Sharipov

Farkhat Sharipov, basierend auf dem Roman "Bricks 2.0" von Daniyar Surgalinov

Dulyga Akmolda, Yerzhan Tusupov, Gulzhamal Kazakbayeva, Philip Voloshin

Serik Zhubandykov, Yerzhan Akhmetov, Yuliya Kim

Alexander Plotnikov

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Kadam Production, Kazakhfilm Studios

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