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See You Next Tuesday

OT: See You Next Tuesday

Drew Tobia // USA, 2013
Fiction Feature // FF2013
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Mona is impulsive and always good for a moment of madness. Above all, she’s pregnant. She’s not sure in which month, just that there isn’t long to go. She earns her living in a run-down supermarket in Brooklyn, where she’s in a permanent clinch with her gossip-addicted co-workers. Her family, too, is no real help: her mother is a more or less dry alcoholic, her sister a completely incapable party girl. She would like to have better circumstances to bring her child into the world, but the breaking of her waters is drawing ever closer. See you Next Tuesday is a black comedy about white trash, with almost no men in the cast and almost no manners. Screening on 27.09. and 29.09. in attendance of: Drew Tobia (Director)




See You Next Tuesday

Fiction Feature


Agenda 13//FF2013



82 min


Drew Tobia

Drew Tobia

Eleanore Pienta, Dana Eskelson, Molly Plunk, Keisha Zollar

Rachel Wolther

Andrew Whittaker

Sofi Marshall

Brian McOmber

Ashley Lehrer

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