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A Fish Out of Water

OT: Sang An De Yu

Lai Kuo-An // Taiwan, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2017



Yi-an’s parents are shocked when he asks them to help him find his “previous parents”. Is their son mentally ill? Is he overwrought because he’s just started kindergarten? Is he suffering from their marital problems? Is he possessed? Or does Yi-an actually have memories of a previous life? Either way, the little boy can’t stop thinking about this past family and his parents suddenly find themselves in competition with their predecessors. Lai Kuo-An’s film straddles the border between the visible and the metaphysical, without fully committing to either.


For years, LAI KUO-AN (*1969) made commercials and music videos in Taiwan and China. In recent years, he has concentrated on writing screenplays. A Fish Out of Water is his debut feature as director.



Sang An De Yu

Fiction Feature


Asia Express//FF2017



91 min

OV with English subtitles

Lai Kuo-An

Lai Kuo-An

Zheng Ren-Shuo, Peggy Tseng, Pai Junto

Hsu Chao-Jen, Wu Tzu-Wei, Lai Kuo-An

Hsu Chih-Chun

Lin Zih-Sian, Lai Kuo-An, Gene Yao

Ke Jhih-Hao

Wang Chih-Cheng


Swallow Wings Films; Rediron Films

Nicolas Rebeschini, Charades: nicolas@charades.eu

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