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Bad Poems

OT: Rossz versek

Gábor Reisz // Hungary, France, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2019
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A merry-melancholic kaleidoscope of a crisis in which four time frames expertly and startlingly communicate with each other. Tamás‘ soul is in tatters. His girlfriend Anna has left him. The 33-year old returns to Budapest and moves back in with his parents. He falls pray to self-pity and brooding on himself, his life in general and love in particular. It doesn’t matter whether it’s meeting old friends or brainstorming for advertising campaigns with which he earns his living – Tamás‘ thoughts keep drifting off to when he was 7, 14 and 17. Slowly, he begins to understand where his feeling of confusion comes from.


GÁBOR REISZ (*1980 in Ungarn) won several awards for his comedy For Some Inexplicable reason (2014), which was also shown in the cinema in Germany. Bad Poems is his third film.



Rossz versek

Fiction Feature

Hungarian, French, English


Hungary, France


97 min

OV with English subtitles

Gábor Reisz

Gábor Reisz

Gábor Reisz, Katica Nagy, Zsolt Kovács, Katalin Takács, Lili Monori, Donát Seres, Mátyás Prukner, Barnabás Prukner, Niels Schneider

Júlia Berkes, Estelle Robin You

Dániel Bálint, Kristóf Becsey

Zsófia Tálas

András Kálmán, Gábor Reisz, András Koroknay, Lóránt Csorba

Zsófia Tasnádi

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