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Dreams of Dust

OT: Rêves de Poussière

Laurent Salgues // France, Canada, Burkina Faso, 2006
Fiction Feature // FF2007
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Mocktar is a farmer from Nigeria who hopes to strike it rich in the gold mines of Burkina Faso. But he enters a hellhole of sand and wind. Greed has stripped the gold-seekers of their humanity and dignity, whole families are sacrificed to the pursuit of the gleaming metal. Surprisingly, this harsh depiction of reality is suffused with humour and irony, and ultimately even hopeful moments.



Rêves de Poussière

Fiction Feature



France, Canada, Burkina Faso


86 min


Laurent Salgues

Laurent Salgues

Makena Diop, Rasmané Ouedraogo, Fatou Tall-Salgues

Sophie Salbot, Marc Daigle

Crystel Fournier

Annie Jean

Mathieu Vanasse, Jean Massicotte

Martine Somé

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