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Returning to Reims (Fragments)

OT: Retour à Reims (Fragments)

Jean-Gabriel Périot // France, 2021
Documentary Feature // FF2021
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DOCUMENTARY Based on Didier Eribon’s pioneering social study, Adèle Haenel takes us through a history of class differences and political struggles in France. For Eribon, returning to his home country means not only dealing with his past, but also studying the working class and how it has changed over the last 50 years. In a disturbing archive montage of reportage, feature films and documentaries, the film illustrates the world that Eribon is describing. Spoken passages from his study and pictures from the historical examination build a bridge to the present day.



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In his work, JEAN-GABRIEL PÉRIOT (*1974) has repeatedly dealt with questions of class relationships, political violence and resistance, as for example in the RAF documentary Eine deutsche Jugend [A German Youth].

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Retour à Reims (Fragments)

Documentary Feature





84 min

OV with German subtitles

Jean-Gabriel Périot

Jean-Gabriel Périot

Adèle Haenel (Voice)

Marie-Ange Luciani

Julia Mingo

Yolande Decarsin

Jean-Gabriel Périot

Michel Cloup

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