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Reihe für Minis 2020

OT: Reihe für Minis 2020

Russian Federation, France, Switzerland, Germany, 2020
Animation // FF2020



Die Decke (Blanket)RUS 2020, 5 min., directed and written by Marina MoshkovaFar, far up in the North lives a very, very moody polar bear. One day he has an unexpected visitor.Ein Luchs in der Stadt (Un lynx dans la ville)F, CH 2020, 7 min., directed and written by Nina BisiarinaAttracted by the lights of the city, an inquisitive lynx leaves the forest. He has lots of fun, before falling asleep in a car park. The next morning the city dwellers are astonished to find this rare animal covered in snow.Ein wärmender Stern (Warm Star)RUS 2020, 4 min., directed by Anna Kuzina, written by Anna Kuzina, Mikhail AldashinA busy owl makes sure the night sky is tidy. Then he drops a star and it becomes the favourite toy of the children who find it.Die kleine Eule (Splyushka)RUS 2018, 4 min., directed by Ruslan Sinkevich, written by Maria KostyukevichThe little screech owl Splyushka wants to take a nap, but can’t because of the loud neighbours.Krabbe (Crab)D 2018, 4 min., directed and written by Julia OckerThe crab loves pinching anyone and everyone. With the sea lion family, it may have gone a bit too far.


Reihe für Minis 2020



Russian Federation, France, Switzerland, Germany


60 min

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