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Reihe für Minis 2019

OT: Reihe für Minis 2019

Animation // FF2019



The first cinema experience? The youngest festival audience will be accompanied playfully and age-appropriately by a cheerful program of animated short films. We hope you enjoy your first visit to the cinema! THE LAST DAY OF AUTUMN (Director: Marjolaine Perreten) The animals in the forest grab their bikes and scooters to take part in the last race of the year before the long winter begins. THE NIGHT FAIRYTALE (Director: Maria Stepanova) A little cat roams around on a snowy New Year’s Eve. It’s looking for fun and affection and experiences an eventful night in the process. Do miracles also happen for cats? ROBOT & THE WHALE (Director: Jonas Forsman) A robot and his dog save animals and plant trees for the planet. One day they come across a stranded whale. Will they manage to save it? CAT LAKE CITY (Director: Antje Heyn) Tomcat Percy is looking forward to a relaxing day at Cat Lake City – the holiday paradise for cats. But things don’t go as planned. Not even the space for his towel is safe…


Reihe für Minis 2019




60 min

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