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Reihe für Minis 2018

OT: Reihe für Minis 2018

Short // FF2018



NIGHT MOVES In the night, when everything’s asleep, the toys in the nursery come to life. No building block remains unturned until the alarm goes off the next morning.TUBULAR BELLS GHOSTSIt’s the witching hour. Mama Ghost wakes her children for a haunting session.I WANT TO LIVE IN THE ZOO HATSCHOO JITY W ZOOPARKE Tidying her room, eating her porridge, doing her homework – it would be so much easier to live in the zoo thinks Sasha. But is it really so comfy in amongst the penguins and giraffes? AMAZING LITTLE WORM Verni the worm would love to be a butterfly. But how can that work if you’re not a caterpillar?ANT All the ants work together as a team gathering water and leaves. Until one decides to do its own thing and chaos breaks out.


Reihe für Minis 2018




60 min

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