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Red Fields

OT: Red Fields

Keren Yedaya // Israel, Luxembourg, Germany, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2019
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This adaptation for the screen of the 80s Israeli rock opera Mami tells the story of the Middle East conflict poetically and surreally. Young, shy Mami lives in a small, ramshackle town in the South of Israel and works at a petrol station. Her life is calm and peaceful and she enjoys life with her fiancé Nissim. But after the wedding Nissim is wounded in action and from now on is wheelchair-bound. To try a new start, Mami and Nissim move to Tel Aviv, where they meet an eccentric professor who manipulates their thoughts. And suddenly Mami is the icon of a new political movement.


In 2004 KEREN YEDAYA (*1972) won the Camera D’Or for best debut film for Or (My Treasure) in Cannes. Her work is characterized by her political and feminist activism.


Red Fields

Fiction Feature

Hebrew, Arabic


Israel, Luxembourg, Germany


93 min

OV with German subtitles

Keren Yedaya

Keren Yedaya, basierend auf dem Stück « Mami» von Hillel Mittelpunkt

Neta Elkayam, Dudu Tassa, Ami Abu, Eran Zur, Yuval Banai, Riki Gal, Riyad Sliman

Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Marek Rozenbaum, Michael Rozenbaum, Jonathan Rozenbaum, Co-Prod.: Bady Minck, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Michael Eckelt

Laurent Brunet

Sari Ezouz Berger

Dudu Tassa, Nir Maimon, Ehud Banai, Yossi Mar-Haim

Victor Peretz


United King Films; Transfax Film Productions; Amour Fou Luxembourg; Riva Filmproduktion

Theresa Noll, Riva Filmproduktion: hamburg@rivafilm.de

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