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Youth (Spring)

OT: Qing Chun (Chun)

Wang Bing // France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, 2023
Documentary Feature // FF2023
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DOCUMENTARY Wang Bing, China’s most important documentary film-maker, takes as his subject the fate of young workers in the domestic textile industry. Zhili lies 150km from Shanghai. Bleak streets are lined with clothing factories in which young Chinese men and women from the provinces work under oppressive conditions. Wang Bing captures the hopes and fears of those who supply the country with fast fashion: love affairs, youthful exuberance, pregnancies and future prospects negotiated between families and factory owners, and finally a revolt against the exploitative conditions.



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WANG BING (*1967 in China) found international recognition as a director of epic films and chronicler of oppression and exploitation in China with his first work, the 9-hour long Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks (2002). His films Mrs. Fang (2017) and Dead Souls (2018) were shown at FILMFEST HAMBURG.



Qing Chun (Chun)

Documentary Feature

Asia Express//FF2023

France, Luxembourg, Netherlands


212 min

OV with English subtitles

Wang Bing

Vincent Wang, Sonia Buchman, Nicolas R. de la Mothe, Mao Hui

Maeda Yoshitaka, Xiaohui Shan, Yan Song, Xianhui Liu, Bihan Ding, Bing Wang

Ranko Paukovic

Dominique Auvray

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