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Lenin Park

OT: Parque Lenin

Itziar Leemans, Carlos Mignon // Mexico, Cuba, 2015
Documentary Feature // FF2016
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Documentary “I am your father and your mother” says Yesuan to his younger sister Karla. Both live in Cuba. Antoin, the eldest of the siblings, is working on his career as an opera singer in France. Four years ago, the siblings’ ways separated after the death of their mother. Their last shared memory: an afternoon in Lenin Park in Havana. The next day, Antoin packed his things and left for Europe. Yesuan and Karla were left behind. They miss their brother and try to come to terms with their new roles in the family. Their relationship is not uncomplicated: pubescent Karla feels her brother treats her like a child and wants to rid herself of his control. In parallel montages that blur the borders with fiction, Lenin Park shows three siblings’ everyday life between distance and longing




Parque Lenin

Documentary Feature

French, Spanish


Mexico, Cuba


76 min

OV with English subtitles

Itziar Leemans, Carlos Mignon

Itziar Leemans, Carlos Mignon

Yesuán González López, Antoin Herrera López, Karla López Kessel

Santiago De la Paz Nicolau, Lucia Diaz Alvarez

Itziar Leemans

Raúl Barreras

Immanuel Miralda



Santiago De la Paz Nicolau, Nómadas: santiago@nomadas.cc

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