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Days Before the Millennium

OT: Pái Huái Nián Dài

Chang Teng-Yuan // Taiwan, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2022
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A long, decade-spanning panorama of the migrant experience of Vietnamese women in Taiwan. The 1990s saw a wave of emigration of women from Vietnam, who then married in neighbouring countries. They included Van Tue, who has been cut off from her home and robbed of her independence by her jealous husband and now plans to escape. Via formal breaks and shifts in perspective, the days before the turn of the millennium are unusually contrasted in the film with the changes which the migrant women have since managed to wring for themselves. At the same time, the film traces the history of a country that has always been under threat from its Chinese neighbour.


CHANG TENG-YUAN (*1987 in Taiwan) is a director whose short film Crossing the Sentimental Desert (2010) brought him to the world’s attention. Days Before the Millennium is his debut feature.



Pái Huái Nián Dài

Fiction Feature

Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Mandarin

Asia Express//FF2022



148 min

OV with English subtitles

Chang Teng-Yuan

Chang Teng-Yuan

Annie Nguyen, Chen Shu-Fang, Nguyen Thu Hang, Steven Chiang Chang-Hui

Lin Shih-Ken, Li Yuan

Wei Tz-Yang

Agnes Yang

Chen Chun-Hung, Yang Kai-Yen

Lin Yu-De

Lee Tien-Chueh

Emma Lin, Zoey Su

Katia Yu

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