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Page One: Inside the New York Times

OT: Page One: Inside the New York Times

Andrew Rossi // USA, 2011
Documentary Feature // FF2011
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Page One goes inside the newsroom at The New York Times during one of the most tumultuous eras for journalism since the printing press was invented to reveal a disarmingly candid portrait of the paper of record. Over the course of a year when WikiLeaks and Twitter emerged as household names, director Andrew Rossi gains unprecedented access to the country’s preeminent news factory. Can the foot soldiers of this bastion of old media keep up with the fire hose of information that is the world wide web?


Andrew Rossi, (*1973) directs and produces documentary films. His most recent work is Le Cirque: A Table In Heaven. He was associate producer of Control Room about al-Jazeera during the start of the Iraq War.



Page One: Inside the New York Times

Documentary Feature


Agenda 11//FF2011



88 min


Andrew Rossi

Kate Novack, Andrew Rossi, Josh Braun, David Hand, Alan Oxman, Adam Schlesinger

Andrew Rossi

Chad Beck, Christopher Branca, Sarah Devorkin

Paul Brill, Killer Tracks

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