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Baltic Sea for Hardheads

OT: Ostsee für Sturköppe

Joana Vogdt // Germany, 2023
Fiction Feature // FF2023
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Modern Heimatfilm: a dramedy about integration in one’s own country. Eva Jensen is a carpenter form Hamburg who wants to make a new start on the Baltic Sea coast. She tries to buy a workshop with a view of the sea offered for sale by Heide, who rents out beach chairs. Unfortunately, Heide’s ex-husband vetoes the sale. In trying to understand his reasons, Eva comes across a painful family secret from the days of the GDR. And in other respects too, the newcomer from the West faces prejudice in the village, although her skills are urgently needed. Fish-seller Christian is also interested in the workshop, which Eva just sees as fair competition. Then they discover a common passion, kite-surfing, and unexpectedly grow closer.


After studying film, JOANA VOGDT worked in Ludwigsburg, Paris, Cologne and Munich, and as a free-lance producer in New York and Berlin, including for Wim Wenders. Her short film Nachtbesuch (2021) was shown at numerous festivals and won several awards.



Ostsee für Sturköppe

Fiction Feature





88 min


Joana Vogdt

Sarah Esser

Jennifer Ulrich, Jutta Wachowiak, Hermann Beyer, Max Woelky, Claudia Geisler-Bading, Christa Rockstroh, Christian Grashof, Tim Ehlert, Vasiliki Roussi, Elisabeth Degen, Anette Daugardt, Gunnar Helm, Petra Frank

Annedore v. Donop / Karsten Aurich

Peter Steuger bvk

Ben Krüger / Sebastian Luka / Moritz Hoffmeister / Gregor Arnold

Antonia Fenn / Birgit Gasser / Laura Hölzel

Cassis B Staudt

Wolfgang Baark

Coline Dubois-Gryspeert

Uwe Bünker

Claudia Grässel, Stefan Kruppa

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